MAY 2018 —   FORE!!!!

MAY 2018 — FORE!!!!

This May The Froth and Bubble Foundation handed out 61 grocery cards, over another year’s worth of food. This is the third month in a row we have given out over 52 weeks of grocery cards.  Three years plus in three months. Not bad.

I also took a 10-day break for a vacation.  A friend of mine was diagnosed with Parkinson’s and on his bucket list was a golf outing to Scotland with his best friend. So, I enlisted the help of my brother, which I do regularly and four of us went abroad.

The secret to golf in Scotland, as we were informed by a cab driver, and this is free, so pay attention:

  1. Wide Stance
  2. Three quarter swing
  3. (Follow) Through to the waist

Here are a few photos from Scotland. I love the colors. I have much for which to be grateful. Good friends. A great brother. And, several pars from the birthplace of golf.  I also had haggis for breakfast one morning.