February 2019 marked a new first for The Froth and Bubble.  We received TWO new corporate donations.  We received gift cards from CVS Pharmacy so that patients could buy expensive supplements like Boost or Ensure.  I think they are really expensive, so I know the patients appreciate them.

We also received another round of support from our friends at FRY’S. Their grocery cards allow us to hand out extra cards at the holidays of Easter/Passover, July 4th, Thanksgiving and Chanukah/Christmas. They are deeply appreciated as they allow us to help more patients than might ordinarily be in our budget.

I am going to go on a vacation the first week of March with my brother and a dear friend back to see the Northern Lights.  Having people who depend on Froth and Bubble for food has altered my ability to take a few trips.  If I take a trip now it is between Tuesday and Saturday.  Sunday…buy and write the cards. Monday and Tuesday mornings they are delivered.

Speaking of delivered, we are no delivering cards to another new outlet which is Hospice of Payson.  Through a generous grant from the Holbrook Pyle Foundation we are able to assist a new market of patients in need.


Stay tuned for a note from March and hopefully a few photos from the Northern Lights which give me great peace inside.