In my time of radiation treatment against cancer, there were two tracks of thoughts pitted
against each other. I was in the middle. One train of thought was on the side of the miracles of modern
medicine. And, on the other side was the ageless power of prayer. So, while I appreciated the
enormous power of Vivian the Varian radiation machine, I hedged the bet with prayer as Viv would
hit seven stations for maximum radiation effectiveness. I know there were several people who said
they would pray for me regularly. To Debra, and Sonita, and Jay and Jo, and Gloria, I thank you. People would
always say, I will say a prayer for you. My standard reply was, “Thank you. I will take all the prayers I can
get. So, say a small prayer for me, and save your big prayers for people with big problems. I am not one
of them.”

I had my own prayer too, which I repeated over and over a line in which I take enormous
comfort. “Under the shadow of thy wing, shall be my refuge.”

The other day, I went back to the doc to see how well the radiation and prayer had
worked for me. It has been three months. I can’t believe it. I guess it was the combination but
my results were so much better than average. I am headed in the right direction!

The Froth and Bubble Foundation for Food Assistance started with one gift card, and then
two in the first two months while I was still in treatment. In the month of February, this 2018, Froth and Bubble distributed
43 grocery gift cards. It comes from your generosity and your compassion. Your Kindness and your Courage.

There are 52 weeks in the year. In the next month or so, Froth and Bubble will distribute
52 weeks of gift cards in one month. Think of it….One year’s worth of food in one month to
the brave people in need fighting cancer.

Thank you for your prayers and thank you for your donations. And, if you haven’t said
a prayer for someone in need or sent a donation somewhere for someone in this fight…have faith.
You will.