May – Striving for Kindness and Courage

May – Striving for Kindness and Courage

MAY 2019


The month of May provided us with a very exciting milestone for the Froth and Bubble Foundation.  Since we began, we have now given out over 1500 grocery gift cards.  We have helped over 400 patients and their families battle so many types of cancer we can not count them all.

We would like to thank the Holbrook Pyle Foundation for their second generous grant within a 12 month period to our efforts. We are still receiving donations in memory of our dear friend, Stewart Rice, who passed away suddenly in March.

I have a question and I do not know the answer.  Is it better to have an extended battle with cancer so that everything between a family and friends can be said?                             Or, is it better to have a massive heart attack and be gone instantly? I guess it depends, huh?

Lucky for me there was nothing left unsaid between Stewart and me.  But, I do miss my pal and the Froth and Bubble Foundation misses him more.

There is always something for which to be grateful, and I was able to spend time with my family as we celebrated my Mother’s xx birthday.  I might meet an untimely end if I wrote her age. But, it was really great to be with all.

Striving for Kindness and Courage,   Hoping to survive another Phoenix summer,

Stay tuned,