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I was recently diagnosed with cancer- a social worker at the research center helped me fill out an assistance form and shortly after that I received several gift cards from your foundation. I would like to thank you very much- I have never asked for or received assistance but have never been in a situation like this- once again thank you Steve

The Froth and Bubble Foundation has received letters and notes of thanks from recipients of grocery cards in the past.  This week we received this hand drawn image of an angel along with a note from a patient, MDA2118.  The 21st patient of the year from MD Anderson where we deliver grocery cards every week.

As I believe in angels, I am touched.  “Under the shadow of thy wing shall be my refuge.”  All of this is happening because people like you donate. I wish you all angels in your life. We can all use them.  Thank you for this angel.  jl

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