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Dear Jeff,

Her situation is heartbreaking.  She and her children recently left a domestic violence situation in December and then she was recently diagnosed with terminal lung cancer.  Very little family support.  I am sure she would appreciate the cards. ~ JW

That was a great article and richly deserved attention for your wonderful foundation. I cannot tell you how many times my patients say, “Thank you!” No one understands the devastation a cancer diagnosis can bring except for those who have walked the path. Thank you for standing in the gap to address the food insecurity issues our patients face.


This pt had been living out of his truck, he is temporarily staying with his step-granddaughter in her 1 room apartment while she stays with her boyfriend. He has prostate cancer and is going to start radiation tx .  He only eats one meal a day to conserve his social security funds to cover his co-pays. He has had multiple co-pays already for MRI’s, Dr’s visits, etc. He is trying to pay his granddaughter something for letting him stay temporarily.

Thank you,

This is the single mother with new dx of cervical cancer.  She has a 12 yr old son, just lost her job and started Chemo and Radiation 11/1/18.  She really could use your help.  I believe the application does not have her age on it, she is 47 this was an over site.

XXXXX is a 57 year old with cancer basically everywhere.  Sad story really.  No past medical history of any kind, healthy, active.  Went to hospital with abdominal distention and was found to have malignant ascites(fluid in abdomen).  They found that she has Stage IV cancer pretty much everywhere and they can’t even tell where it started.  Undergoing chemo but I think that she may be fighting a losing battle at this point.  If we could put her on as a December patient if there’s room.

….I just did financials on a patient XXXXXXXXX who is in a very tight spot financially she told me she has $5 until the end of the month and she has no food at home. I was just think if we could help her with food any little bit helps. Thank you

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