Hot and hotter and hottest. But, the high of which I write is the record high number of grocery cards Froth and Bubble distributed in July.  Now, July did have 5 weeks of Mondays, and The Fourth of July National Holiday when we add extra patient to the roster….but, we did pass out 143 x $75.00 grocery cards.

In between all of that, I had a chance to get out of town for a few days and break out of the heat.  I am grateful for that opportunity.  My friends ask me why I am in Arizona since I really don’t like the heat.  I never knew the answer. Now, it appears the answer is to do Froth and Bubble.  Funny how that worked out.

I also am looking at donations which come in over the summer.  Not many, but I am told by reliable sources, that’s how it is.  Not to worry.  So, I will try not to worry, but, when you are handing out $10,725.00 worth of grocery cards in a month….you worry.  I worry.  I am hoping when the temperatures will drop, the donations will rise.  There is probably some non-profit rule that says you should match your income to your expenses.  Patients have to eat, and I am proud to say we are doing our part to help them.

I am talking with a couple of new outlets with which to be involved in our little foundation.  Stay tuned.  They are might impressive.  Thank you for your help.

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