A July 4th Holiday and Five Mondays equals 112 and more stuff

A July 4th Holiday and Five Mondays equals 112 and more stuff

A July 4th Holiday and Five Mondays equals 112

and more stuff from The Froth and Bubble Foundation

“Let’s start at the beginning. A very good place to start.”

In July we distributed 112 grocery cards valued at $8,400.00.  112 divided by 52 weeks in a year equals TWO YEARS and TWO MONTHS of food distributed to the patients vetted by the professional staffs at 9 clinics and hospitals.

The original goal of the Froth and Bubble Foundation for Food Assistance was to be able to feed 10 patients a month for the four weeks of the month. We have had to re-adjust our goals, all for the good.  It just worked out that July has a holiday we like to celebrate, so we gave out extra grocery cards at that time. With five Mondays we were able to give out more to break our record for cards distributed in a month.

BIG NEWS!!!!  We received $2000.00 worth of grocery cards from FRY’s in July. It was actually July 30th I picked them up at my local FRY’S store. So far, we have received donations of cash and cards from Albertsons/Safeway and FRY’S.

MORE BIG NEWS!!!  We added a new hospital in the month of July to those we already visit. Phoenix Children’s Hospital has provided us with the first chance to present assistance to a minor and his family.  We met two new social workers who will help identify those most in need who wander through the halls of PCH. The fact that PCH is right on the route between AZ Oncology Biltmore and Hospice of the Valley makes it very easy to deliver the cards.  If this Froth and Bubble Foundation doesn’t work out, I am in great training to be an Amazon Prime driver or deliver pizzas for Dominoes.

A little News!  We have added another tab on our website to provide links to different cancer news stories.  Well, Monica did it. Thank you, Monica. The first two linked stories have to do with Financial Toxicity. That is a fancy way of saying going “Broke from Cancer”, which is the title of one of the stories which appeared in the June/July 2018 AARP magazine.  The other is a story along the same lines from Reuters.

That’s it for now. Stay cool and Stay tuned!